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MnL Light

Blond Ale

ABV 4.2%  IBU 16

This lovely Blond Ale is sure to please the lighter beer drinker and help people "cross-over" to craft styles. Easy to drink, easy to love!

1/6 BBL Keg $68

1/2 BBL Keg $165

Ol' Stormie

New England Style IPA

ABV 7% IBU 25

New England Style IPAs are known for their low bittering hops, their juicy citrus flavor and aroma, and their cloudy orange appearance. Sit down with this delicious IPA and experience the citrus storm in your mouth. Excellent for a low bittering IPA and has broad appeal for craft beer drinkers of all levels!

1/6 BBL Keg $92

1/2 BBL Keg $195

Case 12/22oz Bombers $82

Hasen Fuss

Blond Pale Ale

ABV5.1%   IBU 16

One of our best selling beers retail and wholesale, Hasen Fuss is a well-known brand with a following. If you want a pale ale with a little character, this is the beer for you. Great with food or on it's own, you just can't go wrong with our wild hare!

1/6 BBL Keg $85

1/2 BBL Keg $180

Case 12/22oz Bombers $75

The Creature

Imperial Black IPA

ABV 9.1%  IBU95

This Creature is sure to please the craft beer lovers in your group with a deliciously complex hop flavor that is complimented by the beautiful dark color and hint of malt backbone, Roasty and hoppy a perfect combination!

1/6 BBL Keg $92

1/2 BBL Keg $195

Case 12/22oz Bombers $82


Double IPA

ABV 9.1%  IBU 110

A surprisingly smooth IPA considering the 110 IBUs, you get all of the complex hop flavors with a little less bite than expected, making this a great Double IPA to pair with food. A rich amber IPA that will please craft beer drinkers far and wide!

1/6 BBL Keg $92

1/2 BBL Keg $195

The Devil & Jack

Pumpkin Cream Lager

ABV 6.25%  

This seasonal favorite is a smooth beautiful hybrid lager that is focused on the beer first, with just a hint of pumpkin and cream in the flavor. Made with real pie pumpkins and absent the typical pie spice additives, this is an easy drinking amber that you customers will love from October through December Holidays. 

1/6 BBL Keg $89

1/2 BBL Keg $188 

You Big Dummy

Imperial Red Ale

ABV 8.8%   IBU 66


 A full-bodied, hoppy Imperial Red with a huge malt backbone, slight sweetness and intense hop flavors of tropical fruit and citrus. Not even close to a traditional red, but certainly a red to love!

1/6 BBL Keg $92

1/2 BBL Keg $195

Case 12/22oz Bombers $82