Our Beers

Just like their unique tastes, each of our beers has its own unique story. Get to know our Legends.


These are our core beers, the tales you can enjoy all year round both in our taproom and through our wholesale distributors!

Hasen Fuss - Blond Pale Ale

Abv-5.1%    IBU-16

light-bodied, full-flavored Cream Ale with a crisp twist of Czech and German hops.  Great floral nose with a pilsner-like mouth-feel and finish. A very approachable style for new craft beer drinkers but with the flavor and depth for the connoisseur as well.

Scylla’s Grasp - Mosaic Pale Ale

Abv- 5.2%    IBU- 45

A light-bodied, full-flavored American Pale Ale designed to perfectly highlight the Mosaic hops. From floral, to citrus, to earthy, this APA has something for everyone. Earned 2nd place in its category at the 2014 Midwest Brewers Festival.

Mug Shot - Brown Rye Porter

ABV - 5.3%   IBU 23

A traditional Brown Porter with rye. This light- bodied easy drinking session porter has a slight spicy note from the rye that dries out the palate and leaves you wanting more. A porter that quenches your thirst; How do we do it?

Cooper’s Parachute - West Coast IPA

ABV- 7.0%    IBU- 70

A medium-bodied West Coast IPA, this one is all about the Pacific Northwest hops! Cooper's Parachute starts off with a big nose of citrus, then follows up with a citrus hop bomb on the front of the palate with a dry finish carrying a hint of pine.

Catherine The Great - Imperial IPA

ABV- 8.1%    IBU- 74

This exceptionally well-balanced IPA is a golden colored medium body “Imperialistic” IPA that starts off with a massive grapefruit nose and continues with smooth malt backbone and a big punch of citrus and grapefruit zest.

You Big Dummy - Hoppy Imperial Red

ABV- 8.8%    IBU- 76

A full-bodied, hoppy Imperial Red with a huge malt backbone, slight sweetness and intense hop flavors of tropical fruit and citrus. Not even close to a traditional red, but certainly a red to love!

The Creature - Black IPA

ABV- 8.5%    IBU- 85

This Black IPA begins with a cascading tan head and an effervescent nose of pine and earth; followed by robust hop goodness and finishing with a resinous dryness that leaves you wanting more. Earned 3rd place in its category at the 2014 Midwest Brewers Festival.


All great stories in their own right, each of these beers will only make a seasonal appearance.


Attack of the Mammoth - Double IPA

ABV - 9.4IBU - 94

Our hop-centric and assertive Mammoth will provide hop delight in both aroma and flavor. Enjoy this copper colored double IPA with ample additions of west coast hops providing citrus and pine on the nose and on the tongue.  The hop bitterness is accompanied by a balanced malt finish that will make you come back for more. 


The Devil and Jack - Pumpkin Cream Lager

ABV - 6.25%

Smooth, creamy, and brewed with real pumpkins, The Devil and Jack is a truly unique pumpkin beer. Rather than an ale, this hybrid lager was brewed to be smooth and clean with just enough residual sweetness to blend with the cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla. This tasty treat is only available for a limited time, be sure to try it while you can!



ABV - 9.1%   IBU - 110

A homage to the classic double IPA with copious amounts of Amarillo, Citra, and Cascade hops balanced beautifully by a strong malt backbone presented with an alluring amber color and complex aromas.  The hop flavor and bittering carry all the way across the palate resulting in an unexpected smoothness that allows for you to enjoy more than one!


Fain's Sword - Scottish Wee Heavy

ABV - 9.4%

A Scottish Wee Heavy brewed for Chicago Craft Beer Week, Fain's Sword is a celebration of all things Chicago Craft Beer! This is truly a one-of-a-kind brew in the growing tradition of unique beers that Chicago is quickly becoming known for. Brewed in collaboration with our good friend and local home brewer Jamnes Cameron in recognition of our amazing home-brewing community, Fain's Sword has a distinctly smokey start followed by sweet caramel, toffee, and vanilla notes, and a malty smoothness reminiscent of the finest Scotches. Make sure to keep an eye out later this year for Fain's Bloody Sword, aged in Koval Bourbon and Rye whiskey barrels!

The King's Tree

ABV - 8.8%    IBU - 41.1

An Imperial Stout brewed with Coffee. This blend of five different malts has a complex base with just enough hop bitterness to offset. The residual sweetness comes from the addition of Lactose, because we all like "a little bit of cream in our coffee."

Imperial Mugshot

ABV - 9.1%    IBU - 70

An Imperial version of one of our Favorites! Mugshot, our Brown Rye Porter, has been amped up to 9.1 ABV. While it's got plenty of extra kick, it still has that same smooth flavor with hints of coffee, chocolate and a dry spice note on the finish.

MnL Light - Light Ale

ABV - 4.5%

Mild malt and crisp hop flavor are accompanied by a beautiful light color, pleasing body, and lower alcohol content making this an easy-drinker to take you through the warm spring and summer days. This is a great "gateway" to craft beer, while still offering the experienced craft drinker something to enjoy. 

Nessie's Gnarly Nectar - Scottish 80 Shilling

ABV - 5.1  IBU - 16

Nessie's Gnarly Nectar boasts a strong malt flavor with caramel and toffee notes. This little monster has plenty of body to back it up, and finishes with a satisfying sweetness. A perfect session beer for any occasion!

Ol' Stormie - New England Style IPA

ABV - 7%  IBU - 25

This light and lovely New England Style IPA is a juicy explosion of citrus and hop flavor, while eliminating the typical American IPA bitterness bite. Slightly cleaner in appearance that some offerings, your taste buds won't doubt this delightful IPA.

Otis - Double IPA

ABV- 9.3%    IBU-95

A massive Double IPA brewed with a crazy amounts of hops. Every hop head’s dream, this Double IPA has a great malt backbone to allow the hops to truly shine. With citrus, passion fruit and lemon-lime flavors, this one is sure to please even the most discerning of palates.

Responsibly - Wet Hopped Harvest Ale

Abv- 5.9%    IBU- 33

A delightfully dark brown ale brewed to bring out all of the harvest flavors of fall from the malty grain to the earthy locally grown fresh whole leaf hops. Don’t let the IBUs fool you, this one has plenty of amazing fresh hop flavor and aroma from the buckets of locally grown wet hops hand-picked and dumped right into the boil kettle and the fermenter.

Spy's Secret - Saison

ABV - 6.6%    IBU - 22.5

Spy's Secret is a mystery waiting to be unraveled, and like every good agent, this spy has more than a few tricks up its sleeve. This unique Saison contains intricate depths of flavors and aromas that seamlessly flow from peppery to floral. Undertones of biscuit and sweetness from a blend of five different malts round out the body, leaving the pallet with a dry finish and a hint of rye.

Step On It! - German Weizenbock

ABV - 8%

A traditional unfiltered German Weizenbock that begins with a rich nose of malt, vanilla and banana. This full bodied German wheat style then transitions in a wonderful malty sweetness with subtle notes of vanilla, banana and clove. A fantastic fall/winter style sure to get you through the colder nights.

Tree Hugger - Hoppy Dry Stout

ABV-3.7%    IBU-20

This Dry Stout just keeps you guessing. Tree Hugger has a cascading, creamy off-white head and an interesting nose of earth and citrus. At first sip, you will notice a light body packed full of broad flavors from earth to roast, ending with crisp notes of citrus. Who says a small beer can't have big flavor?

Wail of the Banshee - Imperial Irish Red Ale

ABV-9.3%    IBU-62

An American take on a classic style, we kicked up the malts on this beer to bring it up to an imperial level, and then hit it with a big dose of hops to give this Irish beer a pleasant citrus flavor and aroma. Limited Time!



These beers are released for a limited time only, many are only available in our tap room!

Das Hoff - Dopplebock

ABV - 7.1%

Our first lager brewed here at Urban Legend, this one is a traditional spring-time brew in Germany. Das Hoff is a celebration of all things spring, with a bock-level ABV a pleasant, caramel sweetness and light, crisp, clean finish. You may notice the "Deutsche Malz und Hopfen" used in their traditional manner.  However it is German so, whatever you do, don't hassle Das Hoff.

Ice Cream Truck - Neapolitan Milk Stout

ABV - 4.7%    IBU - 25

A limited-release variant of Milk Truck, Ice Cream Truck retains the smooth, sweet taste of Milk Truck with the addition of vanilla, fresh strawberries, and cocoa nibs to give it a truly one-of-a-kind flavor.

Olde Michaelmas - Brown Rye Porter

ABV - 5.2%

A traditional Brown Porter with rye featuring fresh Blackberries and Walnuts. This light- bodied easy drinking session porter has a large notes of fresh blackberryies on the nose. A slightly spicy note from the rye on the back of the palate that pairs perfectly with the mild nutty flavor of the Walnut. A great twist on an old favorite.

Red Rabbit - Cream Ale with Raspberries and Cherries

ABV - 5.1%

A light-bodied, full-flavored Cream Ale with a crisp twist of Czech and German hops and finished off with Cherries and Raspberries. A very approachable style for new craft beer drinkers but with the flavor and depth for the connoisseur as well.

The Well to Hell - Barrel Aged Imperial Coffee Stout

ABV - 14%

Legend holds that a team of Russian engineers purportedly led by an individual named "Mr. Azzacov" in an unnamed place in Siberia had drilled a hole that was 9 miles (14 km) deep before breaking through to a cavity. Intrigued by this unexpected discovery, they lowered sensory equipment into the well. The temperature deep within was 2,000 °F (1,090 °C) — heat from a chamber of fire from which (purportedly) the tormented screams of the damned could be heard. 

Cold War  - Russian Imperial Stout

ABV - 11.5%

Once every winter, we release our Russian Imperial Stout, Cold War. Rich, dark, and luscious, this beer has a surprising smoothness for such a high alcohol beer. Notes of coffee, chocolate, and figs on the palate will finish with malty sweetness that will make you want to come back for more. This beer is only available for a limited time, so grab it while you can!

Coffee Cold War  - Coffee Russian Imperial Stout

ABV - 11.5%

A rich, dark, and luscious variation of the Cold War, Russian Imperial Stout. This beer has a surprising smoothness for such a high alcohol beer with notes of chocolate and figs on the palate enhanced by the addition of dark roasted coffee during the brewing process. Wonderful, warm coffee aromas, enormous Russian Imperial Stout flavors and a huge mouth fell will keeping you coming back to this wonderful winter sipper. (Very limited availability)

La Bete - Belgian-American Pale Ale

ABV- 5.8%    IBU- 41

A light-bodied sessionable Belgian-American Pale ale. This beer was created to focus the beautifully delicate yeast strain from the Ardennes region of Belgium. A light-bodied Pale ale begins with a wonderfully-subtle Belgian nose and flows into subtle tones of stone fruits like peach and apricot which pair perfectly with the earthy and floral hops.

Milk Truck - Milk Stout

Abv 4.7%    IBU 25

Milk Truck Milk Stout is a traditional full bodied stout brewed with milk sugar. The un-fermentable milk sugar allows this style to remain sweet and creamy through the fermentation process. The balance struck between coffee like roasted flavors from dark malts and sweet creaminess from the milk sugar just seems sooo right! A fantastic style to get you through the cold winter months!

Barrel-Aged Imperial Mugshot

ABV10.1%   IBU- 70

Our fully-loaded Imperial Mugshot, Brown Rye Porter, is an even more dangerous villain after spending months aging in Rye Whiskey & Bourbon barrels. Barrel aging enhances the smooth mouth feel and brings hints of oak and caramel to the Porter's coffee and chocolate profile which will finish with a nice dry rye note that will leave you looking for more!

Barrel-Aged Destoroyah

ABV10.2%   IBU- 29

Brewed with Belgian Malts and traditional Belgian Abbey Yeast, this high ABV brew has a surprisingly light floral nose and flavor, along with notes of caramel and toffee in the sweet finish. Spending over a year in bourbon barrels brings out the warmth of the spirit and a lovely oak finish to compliment the Trappist flavor profile.


We brew a lot of beer here at Urban Legend, always striving to bring you different delicious brews. Unfortunately, we are not always able to bring some of these brews back. These are the extinct beers. Short but well lived, these beers will always be remembered.

Sweet Mellissa’s - Peach Almond Farmhouse Ale

ABV - 4.7%

A beautifully  golden Farmhouse ale brewed with fresh peaches and almonds. Sweet Mellissa’s begins with a surge of peach and citrus aeromatics followed by subtle flavors of sweet milky almonds, stone fruit, and spice with just a hint of Belgian charm. A wonderfully sessionable farmhouse that is both crisp and refreshing. Boire!

Mehilainen's Honey - Farmhouse Ale

5.6% ABV 26 IBUs

Named for Mehilainen, the little bee of Finnish Myth whose honey brought the warrior Lemminkainen back to life. Mehilainen's Honey is a Farmhouse Ale brewed with honey malt, which adds a distinct honey flavor and aroma. In addition, this beer has a rich biscuit flavor and slightly dry finish, giving it a unique complexity.

4.5 out of 7 - Oatmeal Milk Stout

ABV - 6%    IBU - 25

A full-bodied oatmeal milk stout that starts off with a mild roasty flavor and smoothly transitions into sweet, cream and luscious.

Sweet Lacey’s Revenge - Farmhouse Ale

ABV - 4.7%

A beautiful golden Farmhouse ale that begins with a surge of peach and citrus aromatics followed up by subtle flavors of stone fruit and spice with just a hit of Belgian charm . A wonderfully sessionable Farmhouse that is both crisp and refreshing. Boire!

Elizabeth - Delta Hopped American Red Ale

ABV- 6.1%    IBU- 63

A light bodied Red Ale brewed with Delta hops. Delta, is a cross breed of Fuggle and a Cascade variety. Earthy, slightly spicy with a hint of citrus this Red Ale brings a twist to the traditional Red Ale.

Gunni Grinn - Double Pale Ale

ABV- 7.1%    IBU- 42.5

A light-bodied Double Pale Ale with a with a pleasant flavor of passion fruit and southern hemisphere hops. Called a Double Pale Ale because of the higher ABV than an IPA but a lower level of hop bitterness.

Release The Hounds - ESB (Retired)

ABV- 5.5%    IBU- 31

A traditional ESB or Extra Special Bitter. This British Pale Ale is a light-bodied style with a subtle biscuit malt sweetness followed by a slight note of traditional English Hops. This session beer is sure to please.

Love Gift - Northern English Brown

ABV- 4.99%

Traditional Northern English Brown Ale.  Light-bodied ale with notes of caramel and toffee with a deep toffee color.

Udderly Utopian - Milk Stout

ABV: 5.1  IBU: 21.5

Welcome to the promised land of milk stouts! Rich and creamy, this smooth, session-able stout has hints of roast, chocolate, coffee, and cream, with just enough bitterness to balance it all out. A tasty treat, no matter what the season is, Udderly Utopian is a truly transcendent experience. 

The Kaiju Series

Our one-and-done series is named for some of our favorite legends of all time! Known as Kaiju, the monsters featured in Japanese monster movies are sometimes, cheesy, sometimes scary, but always fun to watch. These beers are usually only available in our tap room, but occasionally one of them makes it out into the wild, so make sure to keep an eye out! Remember, these beers are only ever brewed once, and then they're retired back into the sea!

The Kaiju Series Vol. I - Dogora, IPA

ABV- 5.9% IBU- 60.8

The first in our limited release series, Dogora is a truly unique IPA. This monster was built with a rich, malty backbone and with Falconer's Flight Seven C's hops, then finished off with a traditional English yeast strain to give it a unique flavor to set it apart from other IPAs. This beer is available for a limited time, and only in our taproom!

The Kaiju Series Vol. II - Anguirus, Coffee Milk Stout

ABV- 5.2% IBU- 21.5

The second in our limited release Kaiju series is ready for battle! Anguirus, a Coffee Milk Stout, is a one-of-a-kind experience, with just enough creamy sweetness to offset the smooth, roasty coffee flavor and subtle hints of chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut. Catch this monster before it crawls back into the prehistoric depths from whence it came!

The Kaiju Series Vol. III - Biollante - Galaxy Saison

ABV - 6.4%  IBU - 22.8

The third in our limited release Kaiju series has bloomed and is ready to take on all comers! A saison with a twist, Biollante has been hopped up with Australian Galaxy hops in the whirlpool and dry hop to give in a citrus nose that is truly unique for a Saison.

Kaiju Series Vol. IV - Battra - Session IPA

ABV - 5.25%    IBU - 60

An ancient creature hell bent on the destruction of humanity, Battra has re-risen from the depths of the North Sea to wreak havok once again! A session IPA brewed with Citra and Amarillo hops, Battra has a heavy citrus flavor and aroma and strong bitterness to back it up. As with all of our Kaiju Series, Battra will only be around for a limited time, so make sure to try it while you can!

Kaiju Series Vol. V - Kamacuras - American Wheat Ale

ABV - 7.3%    IBU - 56

First appearing in the 1967 film "Son of Godzilla" the name Kamacuras alludes to "kamakiri" the Japanese word for mantis. Kamacuras returns in 2016 to Urban Legend Brewing Company in the form of a hoppy American Wheat Ale brewed with Falconer's Flight hops. The abundance of wheat provides a slight haze coupled with a slightly sweet, bready malt character. The hops give this wheat beer a strong citrusy flavor and aroma, with hints of pine and stone fruit.

Kaiju Series Vol. VI - Destoroyah - Belgian Quad

ABV - 10.2%    IBU - 29

Brewed with Belgian Malts and traditional Belgian Abbey Yeast, this high ABV brew has a surprisingly light floral nose and flavor, along with notes of caramel, toffee, and biscuit. Considered by many to be Godzilla's greatest foe, Destoroyah originated as a colony of microscopic crustaceans thriving in an anaerobic environment. After exposure to the chemical weapons used to attack Godzilla in Tokyo Bay in 1954, these microscopic creatures evolved abnormally for over 40 years. After being disturbed by an underwater mining operation, the crustaceans moved to the surface, started consuming organic materials and combining to become larger and more deadly!  

Kaiju Series Vol. VII - MEGALON Choc/Habanero Stout

ABV - 7%   IBU - 40

Smooth hints of chocolate on the front and finishing with a lovely little habanero heat on the roof of the mouth.


Kaiju Series Vol. VIII - King Ghadora Double IPA

ABV - 8.9%   IBU - 90

Delicious hop forward double IPA