BEER RELEASE - "Kamacuras" American Wheat Kaiju Series Vol. V

Beer Release PLUS Free Live Music @ 8pm. Join us for an acoustic duo from the Band ALT101

Kaiju Series Vol. V - Kamacuras - American Wheat Ale

ABV - 7.3%    IBU - 56

First appearing in the 1967 film "Son of Godzilla" the name Kamacuras alludes to "kamakiri" the Japanese word for mantis. Kamacuras returns in 2016 to Urban Legend Brewing Company in the form of a hoppy American Wheat Ale brewed with Falconer's Flight hops. The abundance of wheat provides a slight haze coupled with a slightly sweet, bready malt character. The hops give this wheat beer a strong citrusy flavor and aroma, with hints of pine and stone fruit.